iconik Help Documentation Index


Understand how to administrate iconik

Admin Overview
Access Control
Access Control Administration
Application Tokens
Application Tokens Administration
Billing overview page
Custom Actions
Defining Custom Actions
Export Locations
Creating, Removing and Editing Export Locations
An Overview of Jobs view
Metadata Administration
Metadata Administration
Metadata Category Administration
Metadata Category Administration
Metadata Field Administration
Metadata Field Administration
Metadata View Administration
Metadata View Administration
Recycle Bin
Recycling Bin
Overview for Storage Administration
Storage - Archive
Understanding and setting up archive storages.
Storage - Browsing
How to browse files and folders on storage
Storage - Create
How to create Storage for iconik to use
Storage - Deleting
How to delete iconik Storages
Storage - Editing
How to edit iconik Storages
Storage - Setting Default
How to set the default storage for iconik for uploads
System Search Settings
Change how users interact with search
System Settings
Change systems settings to affect how your users interact with iconik
User Administration
An Overview of User Administration
User Group Administration
User Group Administration
Administration of WebHooks

Our integration with Adobe CC Products

Adobe Overview
Adobe After Effects Integration
Our integration with Adobe After Effects
Adobe Audition Integration
Our integration with Adobe Audition
Adobe Iconik Panel debugging
Debugging iconik panels
Adobe Illustrator Integration
Our integration with Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop Integration
Our integration with Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premiere Pro Integration
Our integration with Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Premiere Pro Project Support
Our support for working with Adobe Premiere Pro Project
Adobe Premiere Pro Proxy Workflow
Working with Proxies Adobe Premiere Pro Project
Download and Opening Assets
Overview on downloading and importing from the iconik Panel for Adobe products
First Steps with the Adobe Panel
First steps in using the Adobe Panel
iconik Storage Gateway Panel Integration
iconik Storage Gateway integration with iconik Panel
Logging out of the Panel
Logging out from within the panel
Panel Installation
How to install the iconik panel for Adobe CC Products
Uploading using the iconik Panel
Overview on Uploading from the iconik Panel for Adobe products

iconik System Architecture and Design

Architecture Overview
iconik Billing Architecture
iconik Billing System Architecture
iconik Microservices
iconik Microservices
iconik Redundancy
iconik System Architecture for Redundancy
iconik Technologies
Technology used by iconik
iconik Upgrades
iconik upgrades and deployment

Learn about reviewing, sharing and using assets

Asset Overview
Access Control
Giving Asset Access to other Users and Groups
Archive and Restore
How to archive and restore assets
Asset FAQ
Frequently asked questions about assets
Asset Formats
Viewing format information about an asset
Asset Formats Delete
Deleting Formats of an Asset
Asset Formats Metadata
Viewing the metadata on an asset's format.
Asset Formats Transfer
How to transfer an asset
Asset History
How to use Asset History
Asset Metadata
How to add Metadata to an Asset
Asset PlaceHolders
Information about Asset PlaceHolders and creating PlaceHolders
Audio Player
How to use the Audio Player
Changing An Asset's Title
How to change the title of an asset
Comment Adding
Learn how to comment on Assets
Comments Overview
Learn about commenting on Assets
Deleting Assets
Information on Deleting Assets
Downloading Assets
How to Download formats of an Asset
Exporting Assets
Exporting Assets to other locations.
PDF Viewer
How to use the PDF Viewer
Re-transcode Assets
Requesting Re-transcoding of an asset
Removing Comments
Learn how to comment remove Comments
Sharing Administration
How to administrate sharing
Time Based Metadata
An overview on time-based metadata
Video Analysis
How to use AI and Machine Learning to analyse video
Video Player
How to use the Video Player
Video Player Captions
How to use the Video Player Captions

Collections and how to use them

Collections Overview
Adding to Collections
How to add Assets and others collections to a Collections
Bulk Collection Content ACLs
How to apply bulk Access Control List updates to collection content
Bulk Collection Content Metadata
How to apply bulk metadata updates to collection content
Collection Access Control
Giving access to collections to other Users and Groups
Collection Metadata
How to use Metadata with Collections
Creating Collections
How to create Collections
Deleting Collection
How to delete collections
Removing from a Collections
How to remove Assets and others Collections from a Collections

Discovery allows you to present and view assets for your users

Discovery Overview
Discovery management
How to add and remove from the Discovery interface
Using the Discovery View
Understand how to use the Discovery View

The Entities that make up iconik

Entities Overview
Access Control Lists
Learn about ACLs and what they can be used upon.
Application Tokens
Learn about Application Tokens and what they can be used upon.
Learn about Apps
Learn about Assets.
Learn about Collections
Discovery Entity
Learn about Discovery
Export Locations
Learn about Export Locations.
Files and Fileset information
File formats
Learn about User Groups.
Information on Jobs and Job Entities
KeyFrames information
Metadata Categories
Information about Metadata Categories
Metadata Field Entities
Information about Metadata Fields
Metadata View Entities
Information about Metadata Views
Proxy Entities
Proxies information
Roles Entities
Learn about User Roles.
Saved Search Entities
Saved Searches
Search Entities
Search and related entities
Segments Entities
Learn about Segments
Learn about Settings
Storage Entities
Learn about Storage.
Subtitles and Caption Entities
About the Subtitles and Caption Entities
System Domains
Learn about System Domains and what they are used for
Learn about Transcoders.
Learn about Users.
WebHooks Entities
Learn about WebHooks Definition Entities
Iconik portal sync

Understand how to administrate the iconik Portal Sync

Iconik portal sync
Iconik portal sync Overview

Understand how to administrate the iconik Storage Gateway

Isg Overview
Installing ISG on CentOS 6
Understand how to install the iconik Storage Gateway on CentOS 6
Installing ISG on CentOS 7
Understand how to install the iconik Storage Gateway on CentOS 7
Installing ISG on Mac OS
Understand how to install the iconik Storage Gateway on Mac OS
Installing ISG on Ubuntu 16.04
Understand how to install the iconik Storage Gateway on Ubuntu 16.04 (xenial)
Installing ISG on Ubuntu 18.04
Understand how to install the iconik Storage Gateway on Ubuntu 18.04 (bionic)
Installing ISG on Windows
Understand how to install the iconik Storage Gateway on Windows

Curated list of help documents to perform common tasks with iconik

Knowledgebase Overview
iconik Storage Gateway
What is the iconik Storage Gateway
Release FAQ
Frequently asked questions about releases
Restricting Access
How to restrict access to content
Storage FAQ
Frequently asked questions about storage
How to get support on iconik
What is Hybrid Cloud?
What is Hybrid Cloud?
What is iconik?
A description of iconik
Quick start

QuickStart guides

Quick start
Quick start Overview
Administrator's Quick Start
QuickStart for Administrators
Users's Quick Start
QuickStart for Users
Using iconik Interface
How to use the iconik UI
Using mobile view
Using the mobile view
Release notes

Release Notes for this iconik deployment

Release notes
Release notes Overview

What you need to have in order to use iconik

Requirements Overview
Browser Requirements
Computers and Browsers supported by iconik
Supported File Types
Information about what files are supported
User Terms and Conditions
iconik User Terms and Conditions

Introduction to Review and Approve

Review Overview
Creating a Review
How to send a request for Reviewal
Reviewing the Approval Status
How to view the status of an Asset in Review
Searching for Reviewed Assets
How to search for assets that are in review, approved or rejected.

Learn about search functionality and how to search iconik

Search Overview
Advanced Search
Using advanced Search Queries
Managing Collections
Access and use collections from the search interface
Saved Search
Saving search queries for future use
Search Export
Exporting Assets from search
Search FAQ
Commonly asked questions about search
Search Filters
Filter down the search effectively.
Search History
Viewing past Searches
Search Results
Overview of the search pods
Sorting Search Results
How to sort and order your search results

Security of iconik

Security Overview
iconik Encryption of data
Hybrid Security
Security of iconik with Hybrid Cloud models
Network Security
iconik network security model
Security Controls
Control you have over your content with iconik
Security FAQ
Frequently asked questions on Security

An overview on sharing

Sharing Overview
Sharing Administration
How to administrate sharing
Sharing Assets
How to Share out an Asset
Sharing Collections
How to share collections with other users
Sharing Multiple Assets
How to share multiple assets at once

Learn about uploading through the web-interface

Upload Overview
Adding Metadata when Uploading
Shows how you can add metadata when you upload
Uploading Captions
How to upload Captions or Subtitles for an asset
Uploading Directly into a Collection
Learn how you can upload directly to a collection.
Uploading Frequently Asked Questions
Learn about uploading through the web-interface
Uploading from the Search page
Learn how you can upload into search.
Uploading to a PlaceHolder
How to upload into a placeholder

An overview of Users

User Overview
Changing your search settings
How to change search to make it more useful to you
Default Homepage
Setting your default homepage
Deleting your User Profile
How to delete your user profile
Logging in
How to login and start with iconik
Logging out
How to logout from iconik
Notification settings
How to change your notification settings
About notifications and how they are viewed
Reset your Password
How to reset your password
Setting Search Panels
Set which panels are always displayed in search
Updating your User Profile
How to update your user profile
User Group Roles
Understanding Roles
User Groups
An overview of User Groups and Roles
Users FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about Users