New Features

  • Upload Requests for creating a request to other users to upload into a collection.
  • Edit Proxies can be created for videos supporting multiple channels of audio and more flexible sizes.
  • Search recursively in a collection's sub-collections
  • Can Create root Collection role to restrict who can create collections at the root of the collection tree.
  • New indexing which will change the a-Z sort order from A-Z, a-z, 1-9 to aA-zZ, 1-9
  • Jobs history now by default just shows the latest 30 days to improve performance. This can be adjusted in filters.

Bug Fixes

  • Sharing assets shows subtitles for assets without transcriptions shared.
  • Shows the correct category of metadata on the asset page
  • Segment mapped-metadata is no longer submitted if not changed
  • Job history date range is corrected and shows previously missing jobs
  • Fix for users not being able to see their own submitted jobs in job history.
  • Added the storage name to the export location list
  • Subtitle/Transcription files are now uploaded to the same path as the original format file.
  • Uploaded files will now use transcode ignore patterns
  • Stats page display width fix
  • Fix sidebar not showing on small screens
  • Disallow users editing other users' comments
  • Better error message if user tries to create time-based metadata and fails
  • Creates sub-collections with the same permissions (ACLs) as the parent collection
  • ISG to ISG transfers are correctly logged
  • Bulk metadata update on collection's content available even if collection metadata cannot be modified


New Features

  • New Collection Ordering functionality
  • ISG version 3.2
    • Now also supports Apple Silicon (M1) based Macs