New features

Bug fixes

  • New transfer queue manager to improve performance
  • Job updates for transfers are more reliable
  • Saving transcriptions as text uses correct start timecode
  • Better error messages for failed SAML logins
  • ISG
    • Stability improvements
    • Better management of Collection structures. Deleted mapped collections informs the ISG that the associated folder is to be re-mapped.
  • Adobe Panel
    • Uploads are more reliable


  • iconik Portal Sync (Version 2.1.0)
    • Support for B2 and Azure Blob Storage
    • Support for files larger than 5GB
    • Implemented accelerated transfers
    • Improved transfer retry logic
    • Support for CentOS 8
    • Transfer XMP metadata


Bug fixes

  • ISG (Version 2.4.2)
    • Handle more pixel limits options for ImageMagick, since latest version defaults was interpreted as too low even though it wasn't
  • ISG (Version 2.4.1)
    • Fixed an issue where MacOS asked for password every restart
    • Fixed some wording in the Windows installer