These are the roles that are needed:

  • Asset
  • Search
  • Collection

Managing Collections from Search

Collections are managed from the Search interface. From the search interface, open the collections panel. You will see a list of all the current collections in a tree that you are allowed to see.

Searching for collections

You can search for collections using the normal keyword search and they will show up and you can browse in them.

Searching within collections

Once you are in a collection you can also choose to search recursively in the collection for any content by choosing "Search in Subcollections" in the filters panel.

Viewing a specific collection

There are two ways to get to a collection:

  • Using the search and typing in the name of the collection:
    1. Type the name of the collection into the search bar at the top.
    2. You can use the filter “Object Type” to show just collections if you get many results.
    3. Clicking on the collection will open the collection view.
    4. If you don't find your collection try refining your search query.
  • Using the Collections Panel:
    1. Open the search page.
    2. Click to open the collection panel.
    3. Navigate to the collection that you wish.
    4. Click on the name of the collection.

Adding search results to collections

You can easily drag and drop assets and collections into a collection.

  1. Open the Search page.
  2. Do your search to find the assets that you want to add to a collection.
  3. Open the Collections Panel by clicking on the icon.
  4. Find the Collection in the Collections panel so it's visible.
  5. Drag the Asset on top of the collection.
    1. Dragging the asset will add that asset to the collection
    2. Dragging another collection will by default move that collection into the target collection.

If you want to add more than one asset, highlight each asset pod whilst holding down the shift key to multi-select. Then drag from a highlighted asset to the collection.

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