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Subclip Assets Overview

Subclips are assets created from segments (a time-based segment of a video featuring an in-point and out-point) of video assets, to represent parts of interest in a longer video asset. They exist as a means to allow deeper metadata tagging, organization, and more quickly referencing smaller bits of information from a longer object.

iconik asset subclips

A Subclip is created from either time-based metadata or directly as a "Subclip" and then the necessary time-based metadata would be created on the "parent" asset for the Subclip. Once created they can be searched for as you search any other asset in iconik, viewed like an asset and added to collections.

Subclips are directly related to a specific version of an asset.

Example Use-case

If you have a long recording of a game, you can break that game down into Subclips to capture such things as rounds, halves or points of interest. For example a tennis match could have Sub-clips created for each game, - allowing the searching and easy entry of metadata on each game, but also broken into sets and matches - to represent each period in a tennis match.


Subclips have a one-to-one relationship to time-based metadata on the asset they were created from (also known as the parent asset). Updating metadata on the Subclip, will update the time-based metadata on the parent asset and updating the time-based metadata on the parent asset will update it on the Subclip

Working with Subclips

As Subclips don't generally have files they are limited in their functionality and so functions that would normally appear on assets would be done on the parent asset. This list of includes:

  • Archiving
  • AI analysis
  • Downloading
  • Transcoding
  • Transferring
  • Versioning.

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