These are the roles that are needed:

  • Asset
  • Review

Review and Approve

Please read through the following documentation to understand how to use the Review and Approve functionality.


Review and Approve allows you to send a secure link of an asset to others to ask them to review the asset.

This review could come back in the form of comments made into iconik, or actually setting Approval Status on the asset, or you could manually follow up with the reviewers.

The reviewers could be other users of iconik or they could be external customers. External customers will each get a unique secure trackable link to view the asset.

You can also define if all the reviewers need to approve an asset before it's considered Approved.

Approval Statuses

To track whether an Asset has approval or not, we allow setting approval status on the Asset. These are the status:

  • Approved: A user or reviewer sets the status to Approved.
  • Rejected: A user or reviewer sets the status to Rejected.
  • Mixed: Two or more users set to conflicting approval status.

Before these status can be set a review has to be made on the asset. These have the following status:

  • Request Approval - To start of a review of the asset.

The status of the review also changes the color of Review/Approve button.

Common Workflow

A common workflow is listed below:

  1. User A uploads a new asset.
  2. User A requests a review of the asset to a couple of reviewers.
  3. The reviewers get an email to the review.
  4. They click the link in the email to view the asset.
  5. They comment and mark whether they Approve or Reject the asset.
  6. User A get notified that a comment has been made, or an approval set.
  7. User A visits the asset that they have been notified on.
  8. If the asset is marked Approved there is no futher work to be done.
  9. If the asset needs changes, they change the asset and upload to a new asset.

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