These are the roles that are needed:

  • Admin

Administrator's Guide

Please read through the following documentation to understand how to administrate iconik.


To Administrate iconik you need to have Admin enabled on your user account. With this enabled, you can see the Admin menu in the top navigation.

If you do not have Administrative access you can ask another Admin to enable it for you.

Release notes

You can find the release notes here Here, they are updated with each deployment.


Entities describes everything that makes up iconik. If you want to know what a file is or what attributes a storage has, you'll find that here.

System Architecture

iconik System Architecture describes the architecture of iconik.

How to Administrate iconik

First, we recommend following the Administrator's Quick Start guide. This will help you setup some users and metadata for the system in preparation for uploading files. After that, you can dive into the administrative areas such as:

The full list of administration tasks is covered to the left of this page

Developing and integration administration

You can also administrate how to integrate and use the iconik integration points such as:

  • Webhooks for setting webhooks when actions occur in the system.
  • Application Tokens for managing keys for granting authorization to use iconik.

More information for Administrators