These are the roles that are needed:

  • Can_read_assets
  • Can_read_files
  • Can_read_formats

PDF Viewer

The PDF Viewer allows you to read PDF documents stored in iconik when using a webbrowser. It reads the original file that was uploaded to the storage.

If the Original file is not available due to being on an inaccessible storage or being archived the PDF viewer will not show up.

Please note that the PDF viewer works on desktop browsers only. Mobile devices will open the PDF directly in their native PDF viewer

Large PDFs

For Large PDFs you will be asked if you wish to open the PDF before the file starts to open.


The buttons in the PDF viewer have tooltips. If you are unsure of the functionality, hover your mouse over the button for three seconds or more.


The side bar shows an overview of the pages in the PDF. It can be switched between a thumbnail view and a outline of the document.

Find in Document

To search in the document click on the magnifying glass and it will open a dialog.

This allows you to find in the document words and lets you navigate around them, as well as the option to highlight the found words.

Page Navigation

The up and down arrows allow you to paginate through the pages. You can also type in a page number to jump directly to the page needed.

Page Zoom

You can zoom in and out of the document to more easily read small text and diagrams.

It is possible to automatically zoom, fit to page or the actual size of the document.


To the right of the viewer the tools allow you to interact with the document.

  • Arrow Allows you to highlight the document
  • Hand Allows you to move around the document when the mouse button is held down
  • Print Opens a print dialog for you to print out the document.
  • Presentation Mode This will open the PDF in full screen view. Press escape to exit.

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