These are the roles that are needed:

  • Billing

FAQ on iconik Billing

Can I choose what currency I am billed in?

We set the currency based upon which country you are in. EU/EEA countries + Switzerland are billed in Euros, all other countries are billed in United States Dollar.

Can I setup automatic billing of my credit card?

Yes, you can. You need to add a current Credit Card into the Billing interface. This will be securely stored by our billing provider.

Can users other than administrators view the billing?

Yes, users with the correct Billing roles are able to view the billing section.

How secure is making payments?

We take payment security very seriously and are fully PCI-compiant. We use one of the most widely used online payment processors, Stripe, and do not pass the payment transaction or credit cards through our servers. Please refer to their guide here: Stripe security.

Can I still make manual payments?

If you would like to make manual payments please contact support.

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