Search Results

Search Pods are used to show the results of the search when in thumbnail mode, when in table mode they show up as rows in the search result. They will show up for either asset or collection results.

iconik Header

  • Sorting Allows for changing the sort order of the results
  • Scaling This also to change the scale of the pods in the grid view
  • Page Size/display options This changes the number of results and the display options in table view
  • View Type Changes between Table and Grid view

The two different displays of search have slightly different functionality to match the information they are displaying.

Grid view

  • Shows scrub-able thumbnails.

Table view functionality

  • Allows for configurable columns by user, or by administrator or whilst using the search results.
  • Can reorder columns. Click and drag and on the column header to be able to change the order.
  • Can resize the columns. Click and drag on the edge of the column header to resize.


iconik Search Row

Collection, video, image & other search pods

Search Pods

The search pods by default shows the following information:

iconik Search Pod

  • Keyframe preview when available
  • Icon for showing the type of the asset or collection
  • Title
  • Optional metadata when pod is sized up and administrator has set Search Results Metadata View

Optionally the following information shows up as an overlay:

  • Transcode/upload progress.

Search Row

iconik Search Results Row

The search rows can also show the following information by default:

  • Date created
  • Review status
  • Analyze Status

What is shown can be changed under your Search Settings or by an administrator or the display settings, and you can enable from different asset properties (such as archive status, date created) and metadata.

Right-click menu

By right clicking on the Pod or the row, a menu will open allowing you to interact with the result. The menu options change depending on the type of the result (asset or collection) and whether you have the available role to perform operations. The main options can be:

iconik Search Menu

Please notes that some of the functionality depends on having the correct roles in the system

Drag and drop

Search results rows and pods can be dragged so that you can associate them with collections when you have the collections panel open. Collections can be moved or added to other collections, this uses the Alt/Option modifier key to choose which will happen.

Assets can also be versioned by dragging an asset on top of another asset.

Opening Results

Opening a result will open the asset view for asset results or the collections view for collection results.

To opening a result you can either:

  • Double click on the thumbnail
  • Click on the title of the result.

If you wish to open the result in a new browser tab, use CTRL/Command-Click.

Functionality for types of results

Certain types of Pods have extra functionality available:


Video asset search pods will allow you to scrub through the video of the video asset as you run the mouse over it from left to right and back again. This functionality is not enabled for the small thumbnail used in the table view.


Audio asset pods will show the waveform analysis for the audio file when available.

In the thumbnail view the Pod also has a play button for previewing the audio file.


The Pods and search result will show up to four thumbnails of assets or sub-collections contained within the collection.

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