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Users or User Accounts on the System can be Grouped in to User Groups.

User Types

There are three main types of user in iconik

1. Basic Users

These users are allowed to:

2. Standard Users

These users have the same rights as Basic Users plus:

  • View Jobs.
  • Upload and Ingest files which will create assets for them.
  • Editing Metadata.
  • Manage ACLs.
  • Initiate and Manage Review and Approve workflows.
  • Delete Assets.
  • Initiate Video Intelligence and Image Analytics.

3. Power Users and Administrators

These users on top of what basic and standard users can do can also:

They can administrate the above entities for the System Domain they manage.

User Attributes

Each user has the following attributes:

  • Settings - for storing settings unique to the user.
  • First Name & Last Name.
  • Group Membership.
  • User Avatar - for displaying an avatar throughout iconik.

For a full list of the attributes please visit the API Documentation.

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