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Users or User Accounts on the System can be Grouped in to User Groups. The user entity should map one-to-one with the People that are accessing iconik - everyone should have their own account. This helps with auditing, security and privacy.

User Types

There are four main types of user in iconik

  • Power Users: Users with enhanced and possibly system administration privileges.
  • Standard Users: Users with full access to all available functionality in the system, excluding system administration.
  • Browse-only Users: Users who are restricted to read-only and download access, as well as being able to participate in review and approve workflows, including commenting on assets and approving or rejecting.
  • Non-paid Users: Users with no user accounts can still access assets that are shared with them with a unique URL or through the process of review & approve. Non-paid users can upload to a shared collection if this functionality has been enabled for the share. Non-paid users are free of charge.
Power Users Standard Users Browse-only Non-paid Users
View Shared Assets
View Shared Collections
Participate in Review and Approve
Time-based Commenting ✓ (shared assets only)
Download ✓ (if enabled)
Upload / Ingest ✓ (if enabled)
Browse Assets
Discovery View
Jobs Overview
Edit Metadata
Delete Assets
Delete Collections
ACL Management
Initiate & Manage Review and Approve
Initiate Video and Image Analysis
Recycle Bin Management
Adobe CC Workflows
Administrate Billing
Administrative Tasks

Individual functionality can be enabled and disabled using roles on their user group

User Attributes

Each user has the following attributes:

  • ID: a unique ID number.
  • Settings: for storing settings unique to the user.
  • First Name & Last Name
  • User Group Membership.
  • User Avatar: A Link for displaying an avatar throughout iconik.
  • Status: Active, InActive or Blocked.
  • is_admin: Only Power users can also become admins)

For a full list of the attributes please visit the API Documentation.

Users membership to System Domains.

Every user has to belong to at least one System Domain, but they can also belong to more than one system domain if needed.

When a user is in more than one system domain (with the same email address), they will get a unique UserID for each domain that they are a member of.

Admin users

Admin users are special power users who have access to everything in iconik. They automatically get all roles applied and their admin level overrides all Access Control so they can change everything in your domain. Typically very few users should be an admin on your account when using iconik.


A user can have one of three statuses on them:

  • Active: They are allowed to login to iconik
  • InActive: They are not allowed to login to iconik
  • Blocked: They are blocked from access iconik. This is the same a InActive in functionality, but you may wish to flag a user as being blocked from logging in.

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