These are the roles that are needed:

  • Asset
  • Search
  • Collection

Adding an Asset to a Collection

Assets are added to Collections from the search.

  1. Go to the Search page.
  2. Search to find the Asset(s) that you want to add to a Collection.
  3. Open the Collections panel in Search by pressing the collections panel icon.
  4. Drag the asset or collection you want to add to the Collection in the panel.

The Collection's Pod will update with up to four images from the first 4 Assets it contains

If you want to add more than one asset, highlight each asset pod whilst holding down the shift key to multi-select. Then drag from a highlighted asset to the collection.

Adding a Collection to another Collection

You can add a collection to another collection so that it becomes a sub-collection from either the search results page or from within in a collection.

  1. Find the collection that you wish to add to another collection.
  2. Open the Collections panel by pressing the collections panel icon.
  3. Drag the collection you with associate to the parent collection
    1. In the dialog that appears you can choose whether to move or add

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