iconik Panel Preferences.

There is a number of user preferences that can be set to help you work with the panel.

How to find the preferences

Open the iconik panel in your Adobe Application.

  1. Login to the panel.
  2. Click on your User images (Avatar) on the top right of the panel.
  3. Select Preferences

Overview of Preferences

This is an overview of the preferences.

  • Log Level - Allows you to set the log level, helpful for debugging the panel.
  • Working Directory - For setting where iconik will download files. See working directory for more information.
  • Use Proxy Workflow - For turning on proxy support for supported applications such as Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Set import scale to frame size - Set import scale to framesize is used for our Proxy workflow with Adobe Premiere. It helps when using a proxy video file that doesn't have the same frame size as the original media, so you can swap freely between them. This is set on each Project Item when imported and once set on that Project Item it can not be turned off. Turn off if you are using your media in many different sequence sizes.
  • Write XMP into files - Preference shown in Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro only, which allows for turning off writing XMP into files. If you turn this off it makes it harder for iconik to track which file came from iconik.
  • Check for matching XMP on file download - Will check for matching XMP on download instead of always writing XMP.
  • Select Upload Destination - Allows you to set which iconik Storage that files being uploaded will be sent to. This list is composed of all the storage devices that the user currently has access to.
  • Storage Mappings - For setting up storage mapping to iconik Storage Gateway managed storage devices. See Adobe Panel iconik Storage Gateway for more information.

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