These are the roles that are needed:

  • Can_read_collections
  • Can_delete_collections

Moving Collection Structures

It is possible to move a collection structure. This changes where the collection is placed in the collection tree.

Please note: If the collection is a mapped collection, this will move the collection out of the folder hierarchy in the iconik interface but it does not move it in the filesystem. See more information here

Collection Move

How to move a collection

  1. Find the collection that you wish to Move in the collection tree. It should usually have an icon like this: without an arrow inside of it.
  2. Drag the collection on to where you want it to be in the tree.
  3. A modal dialog will open.
  4. Choose Move if you want to move the collection.
  5. Press to complete the operation.

Alternatively you can drag a search results collection pod on to the collection tree to start the move operation.

Folder mapped collections moving

Collections that are created as representations of folders/directories on storage devices are known as mapped collections. These are created from:

  • Collections mapped from ISG folders.
  • Collections mapped from Cloud storage buckets.

They have a folder icon with an arrow inside it:

Please be very certain that you wish to move a collection outside of the folder that it contains, as it has unintend consequences such as:

  • Collections remain mapped to the storage's folder but it is no longer shows up in the correct place in the folder tree.
  • Collections remain mapped, but will disappear
  • Removing the underlying folder/directory from the filesystem will remove the collection from iconik.

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