These are the roles that are needed:

  • Admin

Setting up iconik Edge Transcoder

To Administrate iconik and set up iconik Edge Transcoder you need to have Admin enabled on your user account. If you do not have Administrative access you can ask another Admin to enable it for you.

The process of installing an Edge Transcoder includes creating an authentication token, installing and configuring the software and finally associating the transcoder with a storage.

1. Create an application Token

The first step is to create an application and a token that the Edge Transcoder will use for authenticating to iconik In the Admin section, under Settings / Application Tokens, create a new application and select the user that the Edge Transcoder will act as. Normally this should be an Admin user so it has access too all the features.

Later you will have to copy the App ID and Token to the corresponding places in the configuration file.

2. Install the software

The next step is to install the iconik Edge Transcoder. Please refer to the Installation section below for your operating system. Pick the guide that matches your operating system of choice:

There you will also learn where to find the configuration file that is referred to in this section.

3. Starting iconik Edge Transcoder

Now you are ready to start the iconik Edge Transcoder. Again refer to the Installation section for your platform for information.

4. Add the transcoder to your storage

When you started the transcoder software it should have created a transcoder entry in the iconik user interface, assuming the application token you set up above was correct. You should see an entry in the Transcoders list in the iconik user interface with the hostname of the Edge Transcoder.

This transcoder entry now has to be associated with a storage. Open up the Transcode settings tab on the storage settings page for the cloud storage you want to use the iconik Edge Transcoder with and add the transcoder in the panel to the right. This will delegate all transcode jobs for that storage to the new Edge Transcoder.

5. Configure Parameters

Optionally you can set some parameters in the web interface, this is covered in the Admin Edge Transcoder help article.

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