Metadata Fields

Before using metadata in iconik you need to define the different field types that will make up the metadata. This is done by defining them as Metadata Fields.

Metadata Field Attributes

Each metadata field has attributes that control how metadata is stored and represented for that field.


This is the type of data that would be expected to be populated in this field. You can choose between the following types:

  • Date: A Date Field.
  • DropDown: Choose from a list of options that are Key-value pairs.
  • Email: A Input field that expects an email to be entered.
  • Float: A Floating Point Field.
  • Integer: An Integer number field.
  • Tag Cloud: Multiple choices that will be displayed as a Tag Cloud. Doesn't use a predefined list of possible values.
  • Text: A long string of text.
  • Text Area: For larger amounts of text data.
  • URL: A url that will be displayed as a clickable link. Multiple URLs can be stored for one URL field, each with it's own label.
  • Yes/No: A boolean true/false field


The Name of the field. This is not used for display, but should be a unique name for reference.


The label that will be shown in the user interface.


A Description of the purpose of the field.

Max Value (Integer & Float fields)

The maximum value that can be entered in the field. For example for integer - will be used to ensure the maximum number that can be entered.

Min Value (Integer & Float fields)

The minimum value that can be entered in the field. For example for integer - will be used to ensure the minimum number that can be entered.


Whether the field is required to be populated when a user is entering metadata. This is not available for Yes/No Field Types.

Read only

Specifies that an input field is read-only and cannot be modified

Hide if not set

Will hide this field from the User Interface if there is no value populated.

Use in filters

Define whether this field should show up in the Search Filters. To enable this field to show up in your filters you must also set it to show in the search settings for your system, please see this page.

String Exact (Text field)

This is an option for Text fields that they should be exactly matched.

Options (Dropdown field)

This is optional for dropdowns to define what choices are available for this field

Multiselect (Dropdown field)

This is used for dropdowns to enable the user to be able to choose more than one choice.

Display as Warning (Text, Dropdown & Textarea fields only)

Used if any contents of this field should then be displayed as a warning on the asset.

Block assets (Yes/No field)

If selected, when this field is set to True on an Asset it will block sharing and downloading of an asset.

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