iconik backups

When you upload your content to iconik we want you to feel confident that the data will remain secure even in the event of a system failure. To facilitate this we perform daily backups of vital data in the system. This document describes what data is backed up and how long we keep the backups.

Backups are kept for two reasons, both to restore the system to the latest state in the event of failure, and also to be able to restore data that was deleted by mistake, either through human error or because of an error in the software.

Database backups

The main database in iconik is Datastax Cassandra. This database runs on a multi-node cluster in several geographical locations. This gives us a highly reliable database which is resistant to outage in a single location. We also take daily backups of cassandra in case of a complete system failure. These backups are taken as snapshots on the database application level and the snapshot files are copied to a separate Google Cloud bucket which the backup scripts can write data to but cannot delete from. These backups are encrypted at rest using Google-managed encryption keys. This makes sure that backups cannot be deleted by mistake or because of a bug or malicious attack.

Elasticsearch backups

iconik uses the search engine Elasticsearch to provide fast and powerful searching. The elasticsearch indexes are not used to store any primary copies of the data. It is only a copy of the data stored in Cassandra. However, in order to provide a fast recovery in case of failure we take daily backups of the Elasticsearch indexes as well. This is done through the built-in snapshot mechanism in Elasticsearch and snapshots are stored in a dedicated Google Cloud bucket which also is encrypted at rest.

Media backups

Media, including originals, proxies and keyframes which are stored on iconik-managed storages are replicated to a secondary Google Cloud bucket in another region which the iconik system itself doesn't have access to.

If you store media in your own buckets instead of the iconik-managed buckets then iconik does not take any backups of that data and we advice you to look into a backup strategy of your own if needed.

How long are backups kept?

All backups are cleaned after 30 days in accordance with out Data Processing Agreement.

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