Copying metadata tags

Metadata Tags in a metadata view can be copied between views, and from iconik to other applications. You can also copy comma separated data into an iconik tag field to add tags from other applications.

Allow the browser to copy

On certain browsers when you try and copy the tags you will need to allow iconik to access the clipboard. Each browser will act differently, with some allowing by default and others showing a pop-up to ask for permission.

Copy Metadata tags from iconik

  1. Go to the asset, collection or other entity that has the metadata
  2. Find the tags field you wish to copy from.
  3. Click into the tags field to go into edit mode.
  4. Hold down CMD on macOS or CTRL on Windows and keep it help down.
  5. While CMD is held down select the individual tags you want to copy by clicking on them, or hold CTRL+a or CMD+a to select all.
  6. Once you have finished selecting which tags you want to copy with CMD or CTRL still held down press 'c' so you would have held down CMD+c or CTRL+c.
  7. This will copy the tags to the clipboard.

Paste data to a tag field

You can paste in tags from iconik that you have previously copied.

You can also copy from other applications, such as a spreadsheet, word processor or database as long as it's either one tag or the tags are comma separated. i.e. "cat, four legged animal, mammal"

  1. Copy the data from the application or iconik (see above) into your clipboard.
  2. Find the asset or collection that you wish to update.
  3. Click on the tags field you want to add the tags to.
  4. Use CTRL+v on Windows or CMD+v on macOS to paste in the tags.
  5. When you are finished updating metadata click

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