Segments are time-coded references to portions of an Asset. Each segment has a timecode for it's in point and a timecode for it's out-point.

Typically segments are used for Timed-metadata, or metadata that lives at a particular point of an asset that is more than one frame long.

Segments Types

Segments can choose between these types, and match their different use cases:

  • Comments. (For iconik comments)
  • Generic. (For timed metadata)
  • Markers.
  • Quality Control Markers.
  • Transcription.

Segment attributes

All segments have a number of attributes that can be stored with the segment. These attributes are listed in the Segment API docs (see right for the link). Not all Segment types need all the attributes. For example comments usually have the user information on who created the comment and can optionally have drawing information.

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