These are the roles that are needed:

  • Billing

Billing Details

The Billing details are required for us to be able to perform billing processing on your account. All users with access to the billing can see and edit the same details.

Editing Details

Some of the fields are required for us to be able to process your acccount, these are marked with the Asterisk symbol.

  • Company name - Please enter your full company as it is registered. Required
  • Email - A recipient for billing notifications and queries. Required
  • Phone - Phone number for queries.
  • Address - First lines of your address. Required
  • Postal Code - Postal Code of your address. Required
  • City - City of your address Required
  • Country - Country of your address Required
  • VAT - Registered Tax number

Please note that these details are required and stored in our payment processor Stripe.

Changing Country

If you require a change of country then please contact support

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