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Video Player

The iconik Frame-Accurate Video Player can playback video that is created by iconik or by the iconik Storage Worker. It will automatically load video previews on the asset page when their is one available.

Navigating the Video.

There are four methods for navigations:

  • Using the buttons that appear while mouseover the video player.
  • Using the scrub-bar.
  • Using Keyboard Shortcuts.
  • Entering time-code.


  • Play button: Toggles between play and pause.
  • Rewind Button: Goes back by 10 frames.
  • Fast-Formward Button: Goes forward by 10 frames.


This shows the current progress of playback through the video. It can also be used for navigating the video forwards and backwards.

  • Grab the playhead, and drag left or right to change the current time.

Keyboard Shortcuts

You can use the keyboard with the player.

  • [SPACE] - Play / Pause toggle.
  • [L] - Changes the play rate going forwards.
  • [K] - Changes the play back speed to real time (1x).
  • [J] - If the playback speed is above 1x this will reduce the speed.
  • [J+SHIFT] - Reduce the playback speed below realtime for slow motion.
  • [ARROW-LEFT] - Frame back.
  • [ARROW-RIGHT] - Frame forward.
  • [ARROW-LEFT+SHIFT] - 10 frames backwards.
  • [ARROW-RIGHT+SHIFT] - 10 frame forwards.

When playing video in any speed other than real-time web-browsers usually stop audio playback

Timecode Entry

Click in the time-code on the left. You can then enter the time-code to which you want the video to go to.

Full Screen Mode

You can make the player go full screen.

  • Click the full screen icon to go full screen or press F.
  • When full screen click the small icon to reduce the player back to normal.
  • When full screen you can also press [Escape] to go back to normal.

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