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Windows Long Path settings

Windows has traditionally not handled paths which are longer than 260 characters. Any path that is longer than that results in an error. This is a problem for the iconik Storage Gateway as it cannot scan deep structures in a storage which was created on another operating system which supports longer paths, such as MacOS or Linux.

Since Windows 10, Version 1607 Microsoft has removed this limitation as an opt-in setting in the Windows registry. This is a system wide setting which enables this for all applications that support longer paths. The ISG installer now comes with a preference to add this registry setting automatically when the ISG is installed on a new server.

Windows Max Path Setting

This setting is enabled by default but you can disable it if you are running other software on the ISG server which is incompatible the new MAX_PATH setting. Note however that if you do this, the ISG may not be able to index your entire storage.

FFmpeg Long Path Support

FFmpeg before 5.1 has an issue with windows long path support: If you have file paths longer than 260 characters please make sure you are using FFmpeg version that supports it.

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