Adobe Panel Debugging

Please make sure that you are using the latest version of the panel. It should be automatically updated from if you have installed from there, or following our manual instructions but we have noticed that it's not always the case.


To find the version it is easiest to use Adobe Premiere Pro as that has support for the small menu where the panel shows its version number, otherwise look at Where to Find Logs below:

iconik Panel Version

There is also an option to "Open log file location" here, that will open a Finder/Explorer instance showing the log folder.


The panel can create internal debug messages to give an overview of what is going on.

Setting logging level.

The Panel Preferences can set a logging level. DEBUG will log the most and ERROR will log the least amount.

To set the logging level:

  1. Open the iconik panel.
  2. Make sure that you are logged into iconik via the panel.
  3. On the top right click on your user avatar image.
  4. Choose Preferences.
  5. Choose the logging level from the Log Level dropdown.

Understanding the logs

The logs are meant for internal debugging by the iconik team and will show warnings, errors that can be safely ignored. We suggest that the use of logs is for passing them on to iconik support when needed. But they can also show what paths on where media is trying to be opened, for example:

2020-08-17T08:26:12.097Z LOG Going to tell host app to open file: /Users/tim/Documents/iconik/

This can be useful in figuring out where the panel is attempting to open files from.

Where to find logs

iconik panel creates log files for some of it's own operation, they can be found where the version number is located on Premiere, or in the following location:

  • Mac: /Users/<USERNAME>/Library/Logs/iconik/
  • Win: %APPDATA%\iconik\logs\

The log will be named with the host application. For example Premiere Pro will create two log files which will look like:



The first log with 'ES' in the filename is from the ExtendScript APIs, the second is the panel specific logs.

When supplying log files to support please supply both the latest log files, or the entire directory

Where to find configuration details

Some configuration files are kept by the iconik panel. You will find these here:

  • Mac: /Users/<USERNAME>/Library/Application Support/iconik/
  • Win: %APPDATA%\iconik\

Please do not edit these files unless absolutely necessary

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