These are the roles that are needed:

  • Admin

Upgrading underlying storage

The iconik Storage Gateway is configured to watch a particular storage or volume. Sometimes you may wish to upgrade, change or switch to another storage or volume. This could be because of a fault on the storage, upgrade to a larger storage or to replace with a more performant system. If you need to mount the new storage in a different location then please follow the instructions below.

There are two scenarios of ISG configuration to consider in how you execute the move:

  • You have a mount point and the ISG scans everything underneath it - *follow Moving the mount point*
  • You have a mount point with one more scan directories - *follow Changing the scan directory*

The instructions below show how to do the move for each case using the iconik web GUI.

Moving the mount point

  • Check that “Consider identical files the same” is turned on in the iconik storage page.
  • Stop the ISG.
  • Move the files to the new volume.
  • Change the mount point in the iconik storage page to the new volume.
  • Start the ISG.
  • Monitor the jobs page to make sure it's not trying to ingest existing files as new files.

Changing the scan directory

This method needs to checksum all the files that you are moving across to make sure that they are identical to already known files.

  • Check that “Consider identical files the same” is turned on in the iconik storage page.
  • Stop the ISG.
  • Add the new Volume/Storage as a new scan directory.
  • Start by moving a couple of the files across as your initial test.
  • iconik will then checksum the files and should consider them the same, the existing asset will get a new file entry in the formats tab.
  • Start moving the rest of the files.
  • Monitor the Jobs page to make sure that it is not ingesting any file as a new asset.

Using the API

If you did not have "Consider identical files the same" turned on or you would like to move files under scan directories without checksumming all the files the best mechanism is to use the iconik API with a script that iterates over all the files. It will perform a look up on each file in the iconik API and then change the path to the new location.

More information for Administrators