These are the roles that are needed:

  • Can read discovery entities

API Links

Using the Discovery View API Link

Using the Discovery View

Once you have clicked on Discover from the main navigation menu you will be presented with the galleries created by an administrator for you (see Administrating Discovery View for more details).

As you mouse over the pods they will grow slightly and for video enable scrubbing.

For longer rows you can navigate left and right using the arrows which appear or by using a track-pad or mouse that allows for swiping left and right.

Viewing a Discovery View Asset

By clicking on the asset pod above the title, you will open a preview of the asset. The current row will show above for you to navigate quickly between assets, and below this a preview of the asset will be shown. Video previews allow you to play the video.

To exit this view click on the close icon, top left above the row of pods.

Discovery View Asset Comments

To the right of the preview, you will see the comments that have been added to the asset and the form to enter new comments. Video and audio Assets allow time-code entries (see Video Player for more details).

Going to the Asset page

If you wish to view the current asset in the Asset Page click on the title of the asset. You will exit the discovery view and be taken to the asset's page where you can view more information on the asset. It's possible to continue navigating the gallery and go back to it in the Discover page from the top left navigation in the asset page.

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