Transcoders are used to take one format for an asset and create another format. A typical example is to take a video from a Original with high bit-rate and resolution and create a lower-bitrate proxy for it. iconik uses transcoders for the following media types:

  • Video.
  • Images.
  • Audio.

Built-in Transcoders

iconik has built in transcoders for supporting the majority of video, image and audio files that it deals with.

Third-party Transcoders

It is possible to connect third-party cloud transcoders to iconik to further the capabilities of iconik. Typical reasons include:

  • Make use of existing investments or deals you may have.
  • For integration with your own storage and systems.
  • To support formats that iconik doesn't natively support.

Transcoders and Storage

Transcoders are mapped to storage as the transcoder must have access to storage to Read and Write files.

Transcoder Types

  • ELEMENTAL_MEDIACONVERT Elemental Media Convert
  • ICONIK Built in iconik transcoder
  • ICONIK EDIT PROXY Built in iconik transcoder for creation of Edit Proxies
  • ICONIK EDGE TRANSCODER iconik Edge Transcoder for cloud installation.
  • IMAGEMAGICK ImageMagick
  • REDLINE Red transcoder
  • VANTAGE Telestream Vantage
  • WATCH_FOLDER Watch folder transcode with iconik Storage Gateway.

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