The iconik Agent provides an improved experience when uploading new assets into iconik. It supports uploading single files as well as directories preserving the directory structure as collections in iconik.

Uploads can be paused and resumed and they are persisted between application launches so that if the Agent is closed or suspended for some reason the uploads can be resumed where they were when the Agent is launched again.

The Upload View

Upload View

The upload view shows a list of uploading assets. Each asset shows it's title, the destination collection path it will have in iconik, an optional failure status as well as the current state along with progress. Uploads can be filtered based on their state using the sidebar. Below is a list of states that an upload can have along with the indication in the list.

  • Enqueued Enqueued
  • Uploading Downloading
  • Paused Paused
  • Failed Failed
  • Completed Completed

Adding Files to Upload

Files and directories can be added to the upload queue either by drag and drop from the Finder/Windows Explorer or via the Select Files button at the bottom of the window. This will open the standard file selection dialog on each platform. On Windows it is currently only possible to add directories using drag and drop because of limitations in the file selection dialog.

When adding directories to the upload list all files contained in that directory and its subdirectories will be grouped under one top level item.

Selecting Destination Storage

Destination storage can be selected using the drop down button at the bottom of the uploads view. If your system has a default storage set then this will be selected by default. In case a mapped collection has been selected as destination collection this drop down will show the storage mapped to that collection and be disabled. If no destination collection has been selected the upload will be placed in the root collection.

If there are existing uploads in the list that have not yet been started you will be asked if you wish to update the storage of these uploads as well when changing storage.

Selecting Destination Collection

Select Collection

A destination collection can be selected by clicking the folder button next to the storage drop down. This will open up a collection browser where destination collection can be selected. The selected collection will be indicated by name next to the folder icon.

If there are existing uploads in the list that have not yet been started you will be asked if you wish to update the destination collection of these uploads as well when changing destination collection.

Editing Asset Properties

To open the edit panel for one or more assets, select the items in the upload list and click the edit button in the toolbar. This will open up a view to the right where you can select what to edit using a tab bar at the top. Some fields can not be edited once the upload has started.

Editing Asset Title

Edit title

When a file is added to the upload list it will use the name of the file as title of the asset by default. You can change the title that the asset will have once uploaded to iconik in the edit view. Editing the asset title will not change the name of the file when uploaded. To change the title, select an item in the upload list and click the edit button in the toolbar. Select the Settings tab at the top and enter your updated title. Changes need to be confirmed by pressing the Done button.

Adding Metadata

Edit title

You can set the metadata that will be attached to assets once uploaded to iconik. You can set metadata both for a single asset or multiple assets at the same time. When multiple items are selected all items will get the same updated metadata set. To set metadata select one or more items in the list and press the edit button in the toolbar. Then select the Metadata tab at the top and you will be presented with the metadata form used in the iconik web interface. Select which View to enter metadata for and confirm with Done.

Required Metadata

If your system has been configured with required metadata you will be prompted to enter metadata when starting uploads if you have not already done so. This will be presented as a modal view to the right. Once metadata has been entered and confirmed with the Done button the uploads will start.

Pause/Resume Uploads

Uploads are started either by clicking the play button on a single upload item in the list or using the Upload All button in the footer or toolbar.

A running upload can be paused at any time and later resumed but pressing the pause/play button Pause/Resume. When uploads are resumed they will start at the point where they were paused. It's also possible to pause and resume an entire directory upload in which case all asset uploads in that directory and it's subdirectories will be paused.

Use the Pause All button in the footer or toolbar to pause all running uploads.

Retry a Failed Upload

Uploads that have failed will get a failure status and reason displayed along with a retry button. If the failure indicates something temporary the upload can be retried.

Cancel/Clear an Upload

An upload can be cancelled/cleared from the list in any state either by clicking the cancel button Cancel which appears on an item when hovering over it with the mouse. Or by selecting one or more items, right clicking and selecting Remove from the context menu. If the upload has completed it will just be cleared from the list. If the upload has been partially completed the entry will be removed from the list and the asset along with the uploaded file will be deleted in iconik.

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