These are the roles that are needed:

  • Admin
  • Can delete transcoders
  • Can read transcoders
  • Can write transcoders


Transcoders can be setup to help transcode supported formats (such as certain video, audio and image files) types into types for other applications and for display in the iconik interface.

Viewer does not support full SVG 1.1

Transcoders that you create are mapped to a Storage whether it's cloud or storage using the iconik Storage Gateway.

By default iconik uses it's own internal transcoders for it's own storage and if you are bringing your own cloud bucket it will use the internal transcoder unless you specify a different one.

Administration of transcoders

You can administrate transcoders if you are an admin from the Admin pages within iconik.

Third-party Transcoders

It is possible to connect third-party cloud transcoders to iconik to further the capabilities of iconik. Typical reasons include:

  • Make use of existing investments or deals you may have.
  • For integration with your own storage and systems.
  • To support formats that iconik doesn't natively support.

Transcoder Types

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