These are the roles that are needed:

  • Asset
  • Search

Search FAQ

Can I make advanced queries

Yes, you can. Please see Advanced Search for more details.

Why can I not match words with special characters in?

The search query engine itself uses special characters for special meaning, so is not always able to understand that you are not trying to instruct it to do something.

Therefore you can try quoting the search team or being more specific. For instance, searching the title for a phrase that includes a colon you can try:

That will search just the title field for everything contained within the quotes.

Can I choose what is listed in the table view for search?

This functionality is on iconik's roadmap to be added soon.

Can I Wildcard search?

By default the search term you entered is appended with the wildcard string '*'.

What is the default tokenization?

A Phrase is split up based upon these characters using word delimiters:

Token Example Matches
- (Dash) Brown-Foxes Brown, Foxes, Fox
_ (Underscore) Grand_Canyon Grand, Canyon
Case change CompoundWord Compound, Word

What are the reserved characters?

These are the reserved characters:

+ - = && || > < ! ( ) { } [ ] ^ " ~ * ? : \ /

Can I search in transcriptions?

Yes, you can either enable global search for transcriptions in your search settings on your profile, or in the system settings if you are an administrator. By default this option is off.

Or you can use the Transcription box in the filters. This can also be turned on/off in your user or system search settings.