These are the roles that are needed:

  • Admin
  • Can delete custom actions
  • Can read custom actions
  • Can write custom actions

Custom Actions

A custom action is like a manually triggered webhook. They are triggered by a user can then calls a configured server or local application. Custom Actions can be defined to show up in multiple places in the iconik interface. The custom action will have the icon:

Custom actions can have ACLs applied to define who can see and use an ACL.

Typical use cases

These are some typical uses cases we see our customers using custom actions for:

  • Triggering a locally installed application
  • Calling a Cloud function with some information from iconik.
  • Calling an external web service that integrations with iconik.

POST and Open custom action

Custom Actions can have two types, to handle two different use cases.


Post custom action will HTTPs POST information from iconik to an end service. It's designed to call other web services or cloud functions. It's very useful to integrate with other services that are hosted on the internet, or call your own cloud functions which can then run jobs for you.


Open will get the user's web browser to open the configured URL. This is handy to redirect the user to another web service or to open a local URL or protocol handler.

Custom Action Administration

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