Metadata Category Administration

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Metadata Category lets you decide which metadata views are available, and where they are available and in which order they are listed. You can choose whether a metadata view is allowed for:

  • Assets
  • Collection
  • Custom Actions
  • Search
  • Segments

Sub Categories

The Asset and Collection Metadata Categories can have another sub-category created within it. There is a Default Category which is the default, but you can create your own to describe the use-cases for the metadata. i.e. News, Business and Sports categories.

These can then be used by your users when entering metadata.

Example use case.

You have a need for capturing sport metadata on the two Sports that you cover, Football and Tennis.

You can create two Metadata Views, Football and Tennis, that have Metadata Fields in it for capturing metadata for videos on these two sports - Football could contain the teams and location and Tennis could contain fields about the match and the court. They could also share a field that was to be used in both places - such as a Date field of when the event took place.

When you have these views you could decide that you want users to be able to search, and edit this metadata on assets. So you can create a Sports category under the Metadata Categories Assets and Collections. Under each sport category you add your Metadata Views for Football and Tennis.

Now when users go to an asset, and want to edit metadata they will have a dropdown at the top that will contain "Sport" and if they choose sport, and under this another dropdown will allow them to choose either "Football" or "Tennis" - and this will then present them with the correct fields to enter.

Metadata Categories Management

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