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iconik Storage Gateway Panel Integration

The iconik Panel supports reading media from storages that the iconik Storage Gateway is monitoring and that are connected to the computer that the supported Adobe application is running on.

Example Configurations

Here are some example configurations

SAN / NAS with Adobe Editing workstations

If you have a SAN or NAS device that is used for storage with supported Adobe applications connected via ethernet you can attach a server or workstation with iconik Storage Gateway that will monitoring and able to read and write files to that storage. iconik Storage Gateway will report to iconik the availability of files and their location.

The Panel can be configured so that instead of downloading files from the Cloud it will instead read the files that are locally available on the SAN/NAS device.

In the case that a storage does not have the file available, but it's in the Cloud the iconik panel will instead download and use that instead.

Server used as file storage for Adobe Editing workstation.

If you have a server that is used for storing files used in editing by supported Adobe applications, it could be used to run the iconik Storage Gateway. iconik Storage Gateway is support on Windows, Linux and MacOS.

The Panel can be configured as noted in the SAN/NAS configuration.

Running the iconik Storage Gateway on a workstation

It's possible to install and use the iconik Storage Gateway on a workstation or laptop for monitoring and using storage on that device. It can be the same workstation as the Adobe Application is running on.

The panel can be configured so that it reads the local media and passes that through to the Adobe Application.

How to configure

The following is written for administrators that have access to the admin functionality in iconik.

The panel reads a configuration file iconikpanel.json which on MacOS should be located in /Library/Application Support/iconik/ and on Windows c:\ProgramData\iconik\.

This file contains a mapping of the ID of the iconik Storage Gateway as setup in iconik, and a local file path on where the SAN/NAS/FileServer/Local Directory is mapped.

This is an example of that:

  "version": "1.0",
  "default": "lsw",
  "contexts": [
      "name": "lsw",
      "type": "lsw",
      "storages": [
          "id": "4ee8c5ac-9945-11e7-bd5e-0a580a300225",
          "priority": 1,
          "localMapping": "/Volumes/MySAN/Media/"

Note: The file may not be present on a fresh install, in that case just create it with the correct name and content and restart the panel.

The storages entry should contain one or more iconik Storage Gateway storages, with the ID being the UUID given to the storage by iconik. The local mapping is the root of the folder that iconik Storage Gateway is monitoring and should be available to the local machine.

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