Troubleshooting Common Problems

Finding the Log File

The log file can be located by selecting the Show Log File... menu item under the Help menu. This will open a Finder or Explorer window with the log file selected.

If you wish to locate it in the terminal or similar it is located at the following paths depending on operating system.

  • macOS: ~/Library/Logs/iconik Agent/main.log
  • Windows: %APPDATA%\iconik Agent\logs\main.log

How to change the severity level at which it logs can be found under Advanced Configuration

Downloads Do Not Start in the Agent

If downloads are not started in the Agent but you instead get a normal web download it means that the iconik web is not able to communicate with the Agent application. Make sure that the Agent is running and that it has an open Downloads window. If they still don't open please report to support and we will help you further.

Certificate Fails to Install on macOS

As part of the onboarding on macOS you are required to install a certificate. If this fails for some reason and you see the following failure screen, please report the error listed to support and attach the log file.

Certificate Install Failed

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