These are the roles that are needed:

  • Asset
  • Asset write
  • Search

Renaming Assets

Assets can have a name applied to them which we can a title to describe their content, their usage or simply as a reference. These Assets titles can be renamed.

By default the Asset title is inherited from the original file name

Changing an asset's title

  1. Visit the assert that you wish to rename
  2. Click on the title
  3. Enter the new name or edit the existing one.
  4. Press Enter/Return on the keyboard to submit the change.

Rules of title change

Titles are a special metadata field for display and searching purposes only.

When change the title for an Asset we follow these rules:

  • The filenames of all files are kept as they are originally.
  • The download name of the file is kept to the original file
  • Any subtitle or other associated files do not get their name changed
  • The ID (UUID) of the asset is kept the same

We are not planning on changing the above rules, as doing so will have many side-effects

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