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iconik Edge Transcoder requirements

The iconik Edge Transcoder has specific requirements, and these should be taken as the minimum for production usage.

It runs in the cloud on instances such as Amazon EC2 or Google Cloud Compute Engine.

Machine type

The Machine type doesn't matter too much as long as it meets the requirements listed in this document. However the following should be taken into consideration:

  • CPU Core speed is important, with faster speeds having a large effect on how fast individual streams can be transcoded.
  • If the underlying hardware is over-subscribed this might lead to poor results.
  • Certain builds of FFMPEG can take advantage of modern extensions in CPU processors which can help transcoding speeds
  • Matching instance types or providers that pass though the extensions, to operating systems that support it with a build of FFMPEG would be needed in these cases.
  • The machine instance should be started in the same region as the storage(s) it will be monitoring.

Operating System

  • Linux is the only operating system currently supported
  • The distribution should be one of: CentOS 7, Ubuntu 22.04 (jammy) or Ubuntu 20.04 (focal)
  • The OS should be as close to the official release as possible.


  • Generally 4 cores per stream of HD transcode in near-realtime should be calculated.
  • Low Ghz per core (like 2Ghz) might not achieve these speeds.


  • 4GB RAM for the first stream.
  • 2GB RAM for every stream after the first.
  • 40Gb minimum of HD space for the OS and iconik Edge Transcoder for short-medium length videos
  • For long form content add more HD space.


  • No hardware GPU is utilized

Network connectivity

If you are using one of the main cloud providers to a storage they are providing then generally they provide sufficient bandwidth between the two devices, but the amount of streams being concurrently processed multiplied by the bitrate that the transcoder can read for one stream should be used as the figure for making sure the network is not the limiting factor.

  • 1Gbps as minimum
  • 10Gbps preferred

Internet connectivity.

  • The iconik edge transcoder requires being able to make API calls to port 443 of the iconik cloud service
  • The iconik cloud service does not need to make incoming calls to the iconik edge transcoder.

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