Storages map to the storages used to hold files by the system.

Storage Purposes

Typically different storages are used for different purposes such as:

  • Files: For storing the main files.
  • Keyframes: For storing keyframes.
  • Proxies: For storing proxies.

Storage Types

There are also different Storage Types that iconik can interact with:

  • File: Used by the iconik Storage Gateway.
  • Amazon S3: Storage accessed using the Amazon S3 Protocol.
  • Google Cloud Storage: Storage accessed using the Google Cloud Storage Protocol.
  • Portal: Access to Storage that is controlled by Cantemo Portal.

Other Attributes

As well as the above there are a number of other attributes for a storage. Please see the guide on how to setup storage for more information.


Storage may optionally have transcoders associated with them. The transcoders must be given Read and Write access to the storage though the storage itself.

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