These are the roles that are needed:

  • Asset
  • Search
  • Upload

Uploading Proxy

Proxy files are files that show a representation of the main original file. They have to be associated to an asset, rather than having their own asset record. Proxy files are used in iconik for display content that would normally be unsupported in a web browser and we have requirements for the files used:

  • For video it should be a MP4 with two channels of audio
  • Audio should be MP3
  • Images should be JPEG format.

If you want to add another type of file to iconik on the same asset consider uploading an additional format to the asset instead. This should also be done for Edit Proxies - proxies for video editing, which should be a different format.

Uploading a proxy will remove the current proxy file.

Asset files Uploader of iconik

  1. Go to the Asset page for the assets that you have a proxy file for.
  2. Open the Files panel.
  3. Click + UPLOAD NEW and choose Proxy use your browsers file chooser to select.
  4. A modal dialog will open.
  5. Press

Once the proxy has been processed it should be available in the player.

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