These are the roles that are needed:

  • Can_read_assets
  • Web_can_view_versions

Optional Roles

These are optional roles that are needed to extend the functionality:

  • Can_write_versions
  • Can_delete_versions

API Links

Asset Versions API Link

Asset Versions

Assets can have multiple versions. Each version of an asset represents a new media file, typically that has gone through some changes as part of an editorial workflow, such as review/approve. We think that you should typically use versions to manage revisions of media over time, and then use separate assets for different uses cases.

iconik versioned pod

Asset versions can be managed though the iconik interface, where you can upload new versions or select existing assets to be a version of another asset. Assets will get annotated with a number in the search results showing how many versions they have.

Viewing Versions

Asset versions are shown in the Asset's page in the top row.

iconik versioned asset

If there is only two versions you see the text v.2 on a gray area. If there are multiple versions there is a small arrow to the right of the text which opens up the versions display.

To view a different version:

iconik asset version

  1. Open the versions display by clicking the version number
  2. Select the version you want to see by clicking the date next to the version number.
  3. The asset page now shows a different version than the latest.

When viewing a version that is not the latest, there is an indicator in the top row saying "This is not the latest version - Switch to latest" where you can click to get to the latest version

Managing Versions

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