These are the roles that are needed:

  • Asset
  • Review

Reviewing the Approval Status

Once an asset has been requested for review you can view the status of that review.

iconik viewing approval status

  1. Go to the Asset's page for the asset that is in review.
  2. Click on the Review and Approve icon on the left.
  3. The Review Panel will open.

Viewing the Approval status

With the review panel open it will show:


If the review is approved or rejected will show as a banner in the top of the window.


These are the reviewers that are members of this review. To the right it will show whether they Approved, Rejected or haven't yet chosen a status.

You can remove the members by mousing over the user and clicking on the trash can icon.


You can also change the settings of the current review.

It will show the settings that current on the review.

Click after changing any of the settings to make them take effect. It will not send out an email to update them.

Deleting Approval

With the Review & Approve panel open:

  1. Click Show settings
  2. Click
  3. Confirm that you want to delete the approval in the confirmation window by pressing

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