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A File entity holds a reference to a physical file with a path on a known storage. iconik needs to be able to at least read a file, and in most cases Read, Write and Delete access should be given so that iconik can perform file movements, renames, transcoding operations and delete operations as requested.

File Types

  • FILE File is type file
  • DIRECTORY File is type directory
  • SYMLINK File is a symlink

File Status

  • OPEN File is Open
  • GROWING File is Growing as it's being transferred or written to.
  • AWAITED Waiting for file for transfer
  • CLOSED File is closed
  • FAILED File has failed checksum or other details.
  • ARCHIVED File has been archived for it's usual storage
  • MISSING File is missing (such as deleting it off a storage directly, instead of through iconik)
  • REDISCOVERED File has been discovered again
  • DELETED File has been deleted using iconik


Filesets are collections of files. Typical use cases:

  • Image Sequences.
  • Multi-file based video formats.

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