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Keyframes are created for image, video and audio assets when an asset is imported.

They are typically used in the iconik web application to show a quick overview of the asset.

Keyframe Types:

The keyframes can be of three types:

  • Map An image map of multiple frames in one image
  • Single A single image
  • Poster A large dimension single image.

Video Keyframes

Video keyframes are created as keyframe map from multiple frames from the video. The frames are evenly taken from the length of the video to a maximum total of 160 frames, and a maximum of two every second.

Image Keyframes

Image Keyframes are a smaller version of the main image.

Audio Keyframes

Audio is analysed and a mono representation of the waveform is extracted as the keyframe.

Keyframe Format

The Keyframes are created as JPEG. The Dimension is 320px wide.

Keyframe Status

Keyframes can have the same status that Files have.

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