Uploading into iconik

The following guide assumes that you have an account on iconik and that you can log in.

iconik allows for multiple ways of getting your files in to the system, but the fastest way once you have setup a new iconik account is to simply upload files using a web browser.

1. Uploading

Uploading using your web-browser will take a copy of the file from your local computer (or indeed tablet or phone) and put it on to Cloud Storage and make it accessible from anywhere by creating an "Asset" in iconik for that file. For certain supported filetypes we will even create previews of the file that you can view or listen to.

  1. Choose upload from the main navigation
  2. Check if correct storage is selected in the lower left corner. If not, select the correct storage place.
  3. If this is the first time that you have uploaded you will be presented with the empty upload window.
  4. You can choose to Drag files from your computer into the middle of the window or click on CHOOSE FILES OR DRAG HERE and choose the files using your web-browsers file open dialog.
  5. You can drag or choose one or more files to upload.
  6. Once you have added your files they will show up as rows.
    • To remove a file before it is uploaded, click on the red cross next to the file to remove it.
    • You can also add metadata before the file is uploaded.
  7. When you are ready, click to start the upload process.
  8. When uploading you will get a progress bar for each file as it uploads.
  9. After the file is finished it will get a green check mark to the left to say it's done.

Once the upload is in progress you can navigate to other areas of iconik and the upload will continue

To learn more about uploading see our help article on Upload

What to do if it doesn't work

If the Upload menu option in the main navigation is not available it means that you do not have the role to upload. This is something that your Administrator, and usually the person that setup iconik, can help with.

Next steps

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