Supported File Types

Almost all file types are supported by iconik for storage and retrieval. Certain media file-types have particular support for transcoding, metadata extraction and previewing from within iconik. These are listed below.

To supporting previews of filetypes that we don't support with it's possible to integrate with third-party transcoders.

Video Files

We try and create previews and extract metadata for all video types. Here is an example of types and codecs:

  • MP4
  • Quicktime
  • MXF
  • DVCPro
  • MPEG2

Audio Files

  • WAV
  • MP3
  • AIFF

Image Files

  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • PSD

Project Files

Currently iconik store information about Adobe Premiere Projects and the actual Project File itself.

Captions / Subtitle Files

  • VTT
  • SRT

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