These are the roles that are needed:

  • Asset
  • Search

Image Viewer

The iconik Image Viewer allows you to have a good preview of the image you are looking at for all supported formats allowing you to properly review the image you are looking at with fine detail.

If the image preview (proxy) has been generated with sufficient size it also enables the following options:

  • Zooming in to 250% of the image and out to 10%.
  • Panning around when zoomed in.
  • Annotations tools on the image will scale as needed.

All images are viewable in full screen mode.

Zooming and panning

Images previews that are large enough can be zoomed in. You can use the toolbar below the image to zoom in and out, and also set a percentage zoom amount. The following buttons also allow zooming to the current viewing port size:

Fit to height

Fit to width


When zoomed in a preview will appear in the top left, allowing you to pan around the image quickly.

You can also pan by using the mouse and clicking and dragging on the image to move it.

Keyboard Shortcuts

You can use the keyboard with the player.

  • [+] - Zoom in for images.
  • [-] - Zoom out for images.
  • [f] - Enter full screen.

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