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iconik Storage Gateway requirements

The iconik Storage Gateway has specific requirements, and these should be taken as the minimum for production usage and on a reasonably modern machine.

Operating System

  • MacOS (latest three versions)
  • Windows (Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows Server 2016, 2019 or 2022)
  • FreeNAS/TrueNAS
  • Linux
  • The distribution should be one of: CentOS 7, Enterprise Linux 8, Enterprise Linux 9, Ubuntu 24.04 (noble), Ubuntu 22.04 (jammy) or Ubuntu 20.04 (focal)


  • Generally 4 cores per stream of HD transcode in near-realtime should be calculated.
  • Low Ghz per core (like 2Ghz) might not achieve these speeds.

For large amounts of files managed per day

If you are managing many files a day then the checksumming process can also cause additional load on the CPU and storage system. So you might want to specify an additional core per checksumming process.


  • 4GB RAM for the first stream.
  • 2GB RAM for every stream after the first.
  • 80Gb minimum of HD space for the OS and iconik Storage Gateway for short-medium length videos
  • For long form content add more HD space.


  • No hardware GPU is utilized

Storage infrastructure

The interface with the storage is important as the ISG will be reading and potentially writing to the storage, and depending on the amount of files being processed can have an impact on the performance of the storage.

Network based storage

SAN and NAS devices should be specified with the thought that the ISG is another client on the storage that will read everything that it's configured to monitor. i.e.. If you storage is just fast enough for the 4 workstations that are using it and you add the storage gateway it can have an impact on the performance that workstations will see.

  • The network interface needed should be based upon how many streams of concurrent transcoding/reading is needed multiplied by the bitrate of reading those files at the speed the ISG can read them. For example if the ISG could potentially read 4 files at once each with a bitrate of 500Mbit/sec then it wouldn't be able to read to it's full potential with 1Gb interface and you should use 10Gb or better network to the storage.
  • If checksumming is enabled it will read the file for checking summing.
  • If local transcode it will read the file for transcoding if it's a support format.
  • If the file is a video/image or audio file it will read parts of the file for extracting technical metadata.

Local storage

If the storage that you are using is directly attached to the hardware that the ISG is running on, it will potentially try and read of this as fast as the hardware allows. If this is network shared to other machines, this could have an impact on the performance they see.

Internet Connectivity

  • The iconik Storage Gateway requires internet connectivity to make calls to the main iconik cloud service
  • iconik cloud service doesn't require access to the iconik Storage Gateway
  • If you are transferring large amounts of files in and out of the storage to the cloud then you will require a reasonable fast internet connection, preferably a fibre connection.
  • For proxy upload, as these files are generally smaller less bandwidth is needed, but will effect how quickly users will see the previews.

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