These are the roles that are needed:

  • Asset
  • Search

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Please read through the following documentation to understand how to the discovery view.


Discovery makes it easy to share and highlight important assets with users, giving a quick ability to view media and navigate between Assets.

The typical use cases for discovery:

  1. Being able to highlight important assets to all your users.
  2. Showing specific collections to your users.
  3. Distributing knowledge through collections of assets to users.
  4. Showing continuously updated assets that match a search to users.
  5. Sharing assets within your team.

The Discovery View is made up of Saved Searches and Collections. Once added, the Saved Search or Collection is then available to all your users with permissions on them. Each collection or saved search becomes a gallery in the discovery view.

As you update Collections with more assets they will be added to the Discovery. Saved Searches as always updated matching the search query that they are saved with.

There is no limit to the amount of discovery galleries that you can have, but we suggest for usability limiting the rows to 10.


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