These are the roles that are needed:

  • Can read assets
  • Can search
  • Can read shares
  • Can write shares
  • Can delete object shares

API Links

Upload Requests API Link

Upload Requests

Sometimes you want external stakeholders to upload content into your iconik system - it can be images, video or simply a document. Upload Requests now make this as simple as sharing out a collection and it's content, but instead of sharing existing content you are making a request for them to Upload files into a collection.

What the recipient will see

The recipient of the Upload Request will be informed via email with a link to the collection.

When they visit that collection they will be able to drag and drop files onto the page or add files to the upload. This is similar to our normal uploader

Creating an Upload Request

The user creating an upload request needs to also have the ability to upload into iconik.

iconik create share

  1. Visit a Collection or create a new collection where you want the users files to end up.
  2. Click on the gearbox menu
  3. Choose Share Collection
  4. This will open the Share dialog window
  5. Fill out the Users or e-mails, Message and Link Expiry as per a normal share
  6. Select Allow uploads
  7. Choose the destination Upload Storage
  8. Fill in any of the other advanced options you wish. These are covered in the collections sharing help page
  9. Click to send


  • To organize your content better, create sub-collections to receive your files. You can always move the assets into another collection in the future.
  • You can also use Share Links instead of getting iconik to send out emails. It's not as secure, but might be easier to add to an email your are going to send out.

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