These are the roles that are needed:

  • Asset
  • Search
  • Can read collection
  • Can write collection

Bulk Edit Collection Content Metadata

You can apply metadata updates to all the content that is in a collection at once.

These changes will apply recursively too all assets in the collection and any assets in sub-collections of this collection.

The updates to the metadata fields on the assets will replace any existing metadata that the asset had. So if you had a metadata field called description, and it was populated on an asset in this collection with "Car", and you use this functionality to update with "Bus", then "Car" will be replaced with "Bus". If the description field left blank when you update metadata then "Car" will not be replaced.

How to apply bulk metadata to collection content

  1. Open the Collection that has the content that you wish to update
  2. Click on the gearbox in the top right corner
  3. Select Bulk Metadata update
  4. Choose the metadata form that you wish to use
  5. Enter in the fields that you wish to update
  6. Press to submit.

Please note: This operation will happen in the background, and if there are a large number of assets in the collection it might take some time

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