These are the roles that are needed:

  • Can_read_collections
  • Can_delete_collections

Deleting Collections

It is possible to delete a collection if you have the rights to do so. Deleting collection will delete the collection, and any sub-collections (collections that are in the collection you are deleting). It will also remove the associated metadata of the collection.

If you want to delete the assets contained within it, choose Delete Content.

Deletion will go into the Recycle Bin

Who can delete collections

  • The user that created the collection and has the user role for deleting collection
  • A User that has an ACL entry for DELETE collection
  • A User in a User Group that as the entry for DELETE on the collection
  • Administrator users

How to delete

As long as you have the rights to delete this option should be available to you.

From search

  1. Go to the search
  2. Search for the collection you wish to delete
  3. Right click on the Pod or Row of the collection
  5. A confirmation dialog will appear
  6. Click to confirm.5. Click to confirm.

From within the Collection's page

  1. Click on the gearbox icon, top right.
  3. A confirmation dialog will appear
  4. Click to confirm.5. Click to confirm.

Learn more

Collections are managed from the search interface, see Managing Collections from Search for more details.