These are the roles that are needed:

  • Asset
  • Search
  • Can write favorites
  • Can delete favorites


The favorite feature allows you to create a list of your favorite assets and collections. This grouping of favorites is private to you - no other user can see or modify your favorites.

Please note that Administrators can turn this functionality on and off.

Adding to Favorite

Adding assets.

Assets can be added to favourites in the following ways:

  1. Search for the asset you wish to favorite.
  2. Clicking on the heart icon on the search results pod or on the title in list view will toggle whether it is a favorite or not.

Alternatively you can favorite from the asset page.

  1. Go to the asset that you want to favorite.
  2. Click the heart icon on the asset page to toggle it being a favorite.

Adding collection

You can add a collection to be a favorite. This can be done from the search interface in the same way as assets or from the collection page:

  1. Enter the search page
  2. Find the collection that you wish to favorite by searching or selecting in the collections panel.
  3. Enter the collection
  4. Click on the heart icon next to the title of the collection to toggle it being a favorite.

Viewing your favorites.

You favorites can always be reached from whatever part of the iconik interface you are using from the right side of the top navigation bar by clicking on the heart icon.

Removing favorites

Favorites can be removed in the following ways:

  1. Toggling the favorite on and off from the favorites page.
  2. Toggling on and off from the search, collection or asset pages

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