System Domains

System Domains form the highest level of abstraction in iconik. All Users, User Groups, Assets, Collections and everything else comes under one System Domain.

A System Domain often maps to an organization or a unit within an organization where the organization might want completely separation between what is stored on iconik.

System Domains are typically created and managed by the iconik Team when you sign up, though for certain attributes administrators can change values for the domain they administrate.

There is strict separation between System Domains. Content, Users, metadata and everything stored in iconik is only accessible in the System Domain that it was created in.


These are some typical attributes that are changed:

  • Name
  • Logo (for display in the web interface and in emails)
  • Settings
  • User Membership

Users in System Domains

Users can belong to more than one system domain. Typically users are created in one system domain, and then they can be invited to be apart of another system domain. This is helpful for the following use cases:

  • Different studios have different System Domains, but staff work across studios.
  • Different organizational units inside a company have different System Domains to match their different use-cases but staff will need to access those System Domains that they have been invited to.
  • A freelancer works with multiple companies, whom have different iconik Accounts. This allows them to use their one email address across their clients.

A user will get a unique User ID for each System Domain that they are apart of.

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